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Maison Médicale Mouawad

About us

We are a patient-centered medical clinic. We deliver quality healthcare for your whole family ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics.


A holistic approach with customized evaluation and treatment plans to your individual healthcare needs, is at the core of our philosophy.

Our medical home is known for:

  • Our professional team who is at your disposal to listen and assist you on a regular basis. Our medical center represents a space for dialogue and exchange between you and your doctor and/or nurse. This exchange is essential to help you understand your health condition or sickness. It also helps you to make a better choice in terms of healthcare (follow-up or treatments). While listening to you, our team aims to improve your well-being as we take into account your choices, abilities and pace. 

  • The wide variety of our services. We strive to give you control over your health while offering coordinated, comprehensive care. Our team provides competent services for the diagnosis and treatment, prevention of illness, health education and health promotion.  

  • More than 30 years of expertise in general medicine that we keep up-to-date with technology. We offer you access to a configurable online platform (Beoogo) through which you will benefit from many online services.

Maison Médicale Mouawad (box)

Since we became a medical home, we improved our healthcare services by adding:


A reception team that listens to you in order to guide you and respond to your requests from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.


The appointment: a dedicated moment with your doctor who is ready to listen to you and help you.


A secure online platform (Beoogo) for an efficient online appointment booking. You will benefit from other services as well, such as the ability to request a prescription refill for your medications with the click of a button!

Our new approach is based on the combination of the following points:

A holistic perspective 

Which takes into account the different aspects of your health (physical aspect, psychological aspect, social aspect, etc.).


We ensure a follow up care of your screening tests, vaccinations… while taking into consideration your environment and lifestyle.


Through your global medical file, we have a total overview of your health condition to provide you with an effective follow-up.

Flexibility and engagement

We give personalized healthcare services and treatments because every patient is unique. We cooperate with you in order to help you be an active participant in your health care.   


To everyone via our “forfait” agreement.

Rue de Hesbaye 149, 4000 Liège


We speak English and French
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