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Mouawad Medical Home has decided to adopt the “forfait” agreement in order to allow everyone to have access to our services for free and to better manage your overall health.

The “forfait” agreement

The “forfait” agreement is between the patient, the “mutuelle” and the medical center. In this system, the patient no longer pays the doctor or nurse. It is the “mutuelle” which pays the medical home a fixed monthly sum to cover the care. 


You can become a member of our medical home by signing a registration form between you, your “mutuelle” and our medical home. After your registration, our medical and nursing services will be provided to you for free.


Please note that except under certain conditions, if the patient has to consult a general practitioner or a nursing care provider outside the Mouawad Medical Home, this will result in a refusal of reimbursement from the “mutuelle”.


Become a member

You can register and become a member of Mouawad Medical Home by signing the registration form available at our reception desk or that you can download from our website. 

By becoming a patient at our medical center, you agree to pay your “mutuelle” membership fee in order to stay affiliated, and to contact our team to benefit from our services.


Download your registration form


What treatments are covered by the “forfait” agreement?

At Mouawad Medical Home, the “forfait” agreement covers two services at our center or at home:

  • General medicine

  • Nursing care


What about the external consultations?

If you are visiting a city outside or far from the province of Liège and you need to consult a general practitioner or a nursing care provider, our medical home will reimburse the cost of your consultation and/or nursing service. 

In any other cases, please refer to the registration form. 

Except under certain conditions, if the patient consults a general practitioner or a nursing care provider outside of the Mouawad Medical Home, without our agreement, this will result in a refusal of reimbursement from your “mutuelle”. 


What about the other specialties? 

The “forfait” agreement does not cover consultations with medical specialists (pediatricians, gynecologists, cardiologists, pneumologists, etc.). You are free to see the medical specialist of your choice. These services will be reimbursed by your “mutuelle”.

This is also valid for:

  • Physiotherapists

  • Midwives

  • Dentists

  • Psychologists

  • Laboratory examinations

  • Medical imaging

  • Hospitalizations

  • Medications

  • Pharmacy fees

And other healthcare services.


The commitments of Mouawad Medical Home

Mouawad Medical Home is committed to ensure continuity of care outside of consultations and visits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (via the on-call system).


Patient commitments

By becoming member of our medical home, patient agrees to:

  • Stay affiliated with his “mutuelle”.

  • Consult Mouawad Medical Home healthcare providers (general practitioners and nurses).

  • Inform Mouawad Medical Home of all administrative changes (address, phone number, “mutuelle”, e-mail, etc.).


To unregister

You are free to cancel your registration at any time:

  • If you move outside our area of activity.

  • If you wish to complete your convalescence with your family in a rest home or rehabilitation center outside our area of activity.

  • If you wish to change your treating physician.


How to unregister?

At our reception desk by signing a form or by informing your “mutuelle” of your decision. This will take effect the month following your cancelation. 

We advise you to inform us one month in advance of your decision to unregister. Your cancelation is effective within two months (at least one month). During this time, you can continue to benefit from our services. 

Rue de Hesbaye 149, 4000 Liège


We speak English and French
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