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Maison Médicale Mouawad (équipe)

Our team

Our team gives priority to your wellbeing by cooperating with you and promoting your autonomy. We firmly believe that the latter is a central value for an effective treatment. We make sure that you are involved in your treatment process in order to build with you a “patient-doctor relationship” based on support and mutual trust. 

To serve you better and reduce your waiting time, the consultations are by appointment only.

You can book your appointment online or call us at 04/226.56.96

General practitioners

Maison Médicale Mouawad (médecins généralistes)

Our team of general practitioners provides comprehensive, continuous and integrated care according to the World Health Organization (WHO) approach. This approach takes into account your physical, psychological and social wellbeing in order to better respond to your needs and demands. We also aim to promote your autonomy and improve your wellbeing during and after your treatment. 

To ensure an effective long-term follow-up, our doctors perform a periodic evaluation of your medical file. This evaluation is based on several elements including your health situation (on the physical, psychological and social level) and the risk factors that are specific to your age, gender and lifestyle.


Our doctors are also available on Beoogo, the online platform where they respond to your specific requests. This platform allows you to book an appointment online or request a prescription refill for your chronic treatment. Your prescription refill request will be evaluated by your doctor. If your request is accepted, the renewal of your prescription will be done by your doctor and will be sent to you online via the platform.


All consultations are made by appointment from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.) at our center or at home (if required). 


Home visits are only offered to patients who are unable to attend appointments at our center (disabled, bedridden, elderly patients, etc.).


For urgent consultations, do not hesitate to contact the reception by phone or to visit our center for urgent care. The urgency will be defined by your general practitioner.


General practitioner

Dr. Fadi Mouawad 


General practitioner

Dr. Kofi Fosu


Dr. Marcel Kougang

General practitioner


Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Our team of nurses delivers their finest care at our center, by appointment:

  • From Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

  • On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Our team of nurses also provide home visits if required, and sometimes in collaboration with external services (during weekends).

Nursing services include: blood collection for blood tests, wound care, wound dressing, diabetes self-management education, and vaccinations.

For home nursing, you can reach us at: 04/226.56.96

For emergencies during weekends and holidays, you can call the following number: 0488/28.75.77

The daily work of our team of nurses is carried out in collaboration with our general practitioners in order to ensure optimal care. Your care is regularly evaluated by the entire team.



Zouhir Chertouf



Loubna Saadan


Maison Médicale Mouawad (accueillantes)

Our professional reception team is here to guide you and respond to your requests. 

The duties of our reception team include:

  • Managing subscriptions.

  • Booking, editing and cancelling appointments.

  • Delivering patients’ messages to doctors.

  • Informing patients by answering or referring inquiries.

  • Responding to your requests.

Rue de Hesbaye 149, 4000 Liège


We speak English and French
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